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No Music For A While

2009-07-16 05:59:01 by DJ-Diceman

So, I was getting drunk with some friends as a going away party the night before i moved back home. And with my laptop being the source of comedy with the assistance of youtube and sites like funnyjunk, I brought it out for some laughs. WELLLL it got smashed. was on the edge of a coffee table and a drunken friend stumbled on it... it is now in two pieces.
so... long story short, i have no PC to make music for a while. and i just lost my job so i dont know when ill have enough to buy a new laptop. in the mean time ill be borrowing a laptop, but i have no allowed privilages to install anything (FruityLoops)


2008-08-23 07:37:29 by DJ-Diceman

so i noticed my last post was from a long time ago
so im just posting a random post O_O

anyways, check out my newest song (as of aug23/08) /167318

this song im actually having it under my real name as opposed to my dj name...
but yeah, now yall know my name WOO!!

anyways, ciao


2007-12-19 01:09:06 by DJ-Diceman

i dont know if anyone actually watches my page for new music
if you do, im sorry i havent uploaded anything new in a while
lifes been extremely hectic this past 2 weeks
im thinking of making something tonight, if i do itll be up by tomorrow

thanks for listening,